plakator The Beginning of the Trilogy about Antonin Artaud

 Directing: Nenad Čolić

With: Svetlana Simić, Srđan Nikolić, Jelena Džaković, Una Sabljaković, Vera Jovanović

Scenery and costume: Ivana Čolić

Music arrangement: Nenad Čolić

 Text: A. Artaud, C. Cavafi and personal actors’ texts

Literature: M. Miočinović: ’The Theatre of Cruelty’, A. Artaud: ’Theatre and Its Double’

 Premiere: April 5th 1997, Cinema REX, Belgrade

Production: Plavo theatre & REX

Supported by: Fund for an Open Society

Festivals: New Theatrical Forms Festival 1997 – Pancevo, Serbia – best overall performance;

Theatre Specchi e memorie – Milan, Italy 1997


THE MAGNIFICENT ODYSSEY was born in a difficult period. That affected our work all the more because what was going on deeply concerned young people taking part in the wok. Therefore, this performance is in fact the story about any kind of resistance. It is the one in a series of warnings that say we have been living the epidemic of critical spiritual disease in which we are very close to the bordering position which we are less and less capable to control. It is the rebellion against the imitating theatre – theatre of presenting and against the spectator who recognizes but who doesn’t see.

Nenad Colic, 1997