ahasverusScenario and directing: Nenad Čolić

With:                              Maša  Jelić,                Dejan   Stojković,        Jelena  Martinović,     Marko  Potkonjak

Scenery and costume design: Ivana Čolić

Executive manager: Dubravka Vujinović

Program  and  poster  design: Ivana Čolić

Text:  F.M. Dostoevsky: fragments from the novel „The Karamazov Brothers“; written and  oral testifying of people who survived Holocaust

Music: Music of Sephardi Jews and Ashkenazi Jews and Jewish religious music; Lou Reed: ‘Perfect Day’; The Rolling Stones: ‘Sympathy For The Devil’

Production: PLAVO theatre – theatre laboratory

Premiere: BIGZ, Belgrade, 13.04.2014.

The Day of Ahasverus is an event based on a medieval legend about a Jew who didn’t believe in Christ and who taunted him. Jesus told him that he would be cursed never to die but to walk the earth eternally…

… Ahasverus is a righteous Jew eager for revenge. He cannot bear any longer suffering of this world and mutual extermination of people in wars and many other horrors. And then, there is also the Holocaust in which more than six million of people were killed and Ahasverus doesn’t know what to do with it at all. Therefore he decides to take matters into his own hands…

Holocaust in the Second World War is one of the greatest deliberately performed crimes in the history of humanity. Today, there are people who claim that Holocaust didn’t even happen, or if it happened, that it wasn’t as terrifying as they say.  Time goes by and the tendency of human nature to relativize things and events is understandable. Horrible and ugly pictures fade away; people want new and beautiful pictures. But unfortunately, Holocaust did happen. And if we can do something to prevent it to happen again, we can use every opportunity and draw attention that it did happen. Performance The Day of Ahasverus has for its aim to use that opportunity.