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Two Open Weeks of PLAVO Theatre 2019

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Two Open Weeks of Plavo Theatre is an international practical and theoretical program for people interested in work inside of a theatrical laboratory through specific methodology of Plavo Theatre. Our aim is to share with participants the idea of theatre as a place of communication, a place of self-researching and a space of open mind where some important things about us and the world that surrounds us could be said.

The program will consist of series of two main programs, two workshops, and participants will have the possibility to participate in the whole program or in the workshop by their choice.

As special innovations of Two Open Weeks 2019 program, we offer a new workshop designed in Plavo Theatre laboratory titled Flow Ability which will take place in the second week of the program and a workshop led by our guest-teachers from Italy, experts in personal development through theatre, Artistic-Cultural Association Aletheia, which will take place in the first week of the program.

The program is open for professional and semi-professional actors, directors, other theatre artists, dancers, as well as theatre and dance students but also all other people who are interested in theatre or self-research using the theatrical tools.

The program Two Open Weeks of Plavo Theatre was created out of the need to bring closer laboratory theatre work to international and Serbian participants and to make theatrical laboratory a place of intercultural communication, theatrical exchange and development. The program has been realized in Belgrade every summer since 2004 gathering participants from three continents.

Due to the support of the donors which sustained the program, this year there will be support provided (accommodation and travel costs) for participants coming from Central European region.


  • Monday, July 8, 20:00 Mythology of Soul Work in progress by Plavo Theatre
  • July 9 – 13, 14:30 – 20:30 Human Growth through Theatrical Experience Workshop led by Artistic-Cultural Association Aletheia, Milan/ Italy
  • July 14, 20:00 Mythology of Soul Work in progress by Plavo Theatre
  • July 15 – 19, 15:30 – 21:00 Flow Ability Workshop led by Plavo Theatre

The program will be held in English.


Thanks to the support of the donors which sustained the program, we will provide additional support (accommodation and travel costs) for participants coming from Central European countries:

Albania, Bulgaria, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Czech Republic, Hungary, Italy, Macedonia, Montenegro, Poland, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Ukraine and Serbia.

Please contact us for information including additional support, fees, registration form or any practical information. E-mails: /

Note: The number of participants is limited. There is no a specific application deadline. After sending us registration form and getting a confirmation from us about their participation, interested participants should pay the fee to our bank account in order to book their place.

Human Growth through Theatrical Experience – Workshop, led by Artistic-Cultural Association Aletheia, Milan/ Italy

AleteaFive days of theatrical experience, during which, in addition to the acquisition of theoretical and practical knowledge of the fundamental ethical-behavioral principles for life and theater: sacredness, awareness, discipline, energy, attention, listening, trust, etc., a practical experiential work is foreseen, which concerns the interaction between the IO (myself) and the Reality at the different levels of complexity, through the creation of specific “theatrical” situations, in which the main aspects and elements of the human experience can emerge and be developed:

  • Communication and relationship with “the other from oneself” (the person of the other sex, the friend, the parent, the stranger, etc.), as well as within the group, in front of groups of people, with the space, objects, sounds, images.
  • Managing emotions in difficult situations or in any case related to significant existential themes (loneliness, fear, love, risk, success, conflict, etc.).
  • Creative ability and improvisational capability that allow the growth of one’s imagination.

The workshop will be led by Artistic-Cultural Association Aletheia members, Massimo Gianneti, Daniela Damiani and Saverio Fiano.

Participants should have a notebook and wear comfortable working clothes. The work will be held every day from Tuesday, July 9, to Saturday, July 13, from 14:30 – 20:30 with one half an hour long break.

Flow Ability – Workshop, led by PlavoTheatre

The program aims at raising the level of our productivity, creativity and precision. It consists of exercises and neca fototraining which provide participants with knowledge and tools that can help them to enter flow – the state of high productivity, creativity and precision in their work and everyday activities. In that way the flow, a much desired state for all those involved in creative processes/activities, is no longer exclusively a matter of inspiration and becomes knowledge that is in our hands which can be repeated any time we need it. The work is based on the activation and increasing the capacity of our intention, initiative and energy.

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Flow training system

  • Human experience exercises – exercises that reveal everyday mindset through our personal experience, which prevents us from being able to maximize productivity and creativity.
  • Capacity training – works on increasing and quality of our intention, initiative and energy.
  • Integrative training – introduces us to a state called flow – a state in which we are productive, precise and creative at the same time.

Participants should learn by hart a text by their own choice (5 to 8 sentences long). Participants should have a notebook and wear comfortable working clothes.The work will be held every day from Monday, July 15, to Friday, July 19, from 15:30 – 21:00 with half an hour break.