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From Myself towards Theatre – From Theatre towards Myself

Workshop led by Dejan Stojković, assisted by Marko Potkonjak, PLAVO Theatre actors and musicians and supervised by Nenad Čolić, PLAVO Theatre director

September 20-24, 2022

The workshop aims at discovering theatre as a place of human experience. The main idea behind this approach, which Plavo Theatre has been realizing in its creative work and in theatrical pedagogy, since the beginning, following the footsteps of Jerzy Grotowski and his actors, is that theatre should be the place of our confrontation with life, not with its imitation.

010 aReasons and impulses for a creative process are born in confrontation of our inner individual reality with outer conditions. Exercises are designed to reveal our organic, emotional and energetic capacities in all their authenticity, at the same time giving us tools to cultivate their chaotic nature towards open, but guided and exact communication. We will dedicate special attention to presence of the performer, steps from improvising to a creative score, working with the sound, text and song, working on our individual, ecstatic and playful existence, within the specific conditions of theatre as a collective space and overcoming personal obstructions such as fears, shame or prejudices, that burden human communication even in daily life.

Join us in searching for the possibilities of deeper, more truthful and more intensive communication in theatre, through process of self-discovering and self-development, both as theatre professionals and as human beings.

The work will be held every day from September 20-24, from 15:00 – 18:00.

Participants should have a notebook, wear comfortable working clothes and should know by heart:

  • Short text (about 5 – 6 sentences long) – any text or a poem, in their mother tongue or in English;
  • A traditional song from their country.