Hanna 3


Performance of PLAVO Theatre

Directing: Nenad Čolić / Actors: Maša Jelić and Dejan Stojković / Scenography and costume design: Ivana Čolić / Executive manager: Dubravka Vujinović / Technician: Marko Potkonjak

Performance Hannah is a dancing – vocal – instrumental recital, dedicated to all victims of the Holocaust. It is based on the thesis about the ‘banality of evil’, created by German political theorist of Jewish origin, Hannah Arendt. We were researching within her question: what is the real nature of the evil committed by one human being towards another (in the context of the Holocaust) and tried to make the messages of the performance actual in the time we live in. Following the thesis that evil emerges from superficiality, the performance invites us to resist the evil in the way to start thinking and Hannah Arendt teaches us that thinking means an attempt to see things through the eyes of another.

In the performance, besides the texts of Hanna Arendt, traditional Jewish dances and Sephardic, Ashkenazi and Jewish spiritual songs are performed by the actors.