Performance based on tragedy by Oscar Pannizza ’Council about Love’

05Directing and dramaturgy: Nenad Colic

Assistant director: Dubravka Vujinovic

Actors in the first version: Ilija Ludvig, Ranko Trifković, Maša Jelić, Dejan Stojković, Marko Potkonjak, Nenad Čolić

Actors in the second version: Ranko Trifković, Maša Jelić, Dejan Stojković, Marko Potkonjak, Nenad Čolić

Actors in the thrid version: Ranko Trifković, Maša Jelić, Dejan Stojković, Marko Potkonjak, Jelena Martinović, Nenad Čolić

Music arrangement: Dejan Stojkovic, Marko Potkonjak, Ilija Ludvig

Set & costume: Ivana Colic

Photography: Saša Stajić, Marija Janković, Milanka Balaban

 Text: O. Panizza: ‘Council About Love’, F. M. Dostoevsky: ‘The Brothers Karamazov’; D. Trotsky: ‘The Revolution Betrayed’, V. I. Lenin – quotations; Frida Kahlo – quotations; H. Loffting: ‘Doctor Dolittle’ and actors’ personal texts

Music: songs and author works

Premiere: 12.07.2002. Belgrade, BITEF theatre

Co-production: PLAVO theatre & BITEF theatre

Supported by: Pro Helvetia & Assembly of Belgrade – Culture Department

Festivals: Pancevo, Serbia 2002; Tremafest 2003 – Ruma, Serbia; Vrsac, Serbia 2003; MANÖVER 2003 – Leipzig, Germany; Reminiscencje teatralne 2004 – Krakow, Poland; Cultural Centre Zamek 2004 – Poznan, Poland


When you find your demon you will not be all alone in the world any more…

 And together with him you will be able to challenge this stupid dull world,

you will be able to despise those masques of watery blue eyes that circle you…

And only if in your deathbed you find strength to say to yourself: I did let my demon speak,

you will be able to say that your life mission is fulfilled.

Oscar Panizza

“Exactly five years ago in a conversation with one of my teachers, a starting motivation for a performance like this one was born. He told me then that our civilization is a civilization of answers, not of questions. Then I realized that in the absence of answers anxiety appears. And anxiety inevitably brings to rash judgments trapped by fears. Only in order to leave the position of ignorance as soon as possible.

Human system of values is full of such judgments. In time they were established and became official. They regulate the relation to God and devil, good and evil, love and guilt, punishment and reward. In the time of archaic man, psychology didn’t exist. Things were regulated in a complete conjunction of God and all that existed. In those circumstances any new sensation, any extraordinary thing was easily explained.

Today, things are different. Man has become free to search for an answer, and the only instruments he uses are rash judgments trapped by fears. Science is soon pushed aside and that is how wrong actions with horrible consequences appear.

Will paradoxical human need for eternal conquering of once forever lost freedom bring to a new form one day, to a complete emanation and perhaps even to that new man? The man to whom everything is permitted.

Or a new punishment always follows!”

Nenad Čolić, 2002