plakator The Second Part of the Trilogy about Antonin Artaud

Scenario and directing: Nenad Čolić

Collaborator on the scenario: Katarina Ristić

Actors: Svetlana Simić, Vera Jovanović, Ilija Ludvig

Scenery and costume: Ivana Čolić

Text: A. Artaud: ’Theatre and Its Double’, Y. Mishima: ’Marquise de Sade’, K. Ristić: ’Reflections about Love’ and ’Reflections about Feminism’, W. Shakespeare: ’Sonnets’

Literature: R. Graves: ’Greek Myths’, H. Hesse: ’Sidharta’, E. From: ’The Art of Loving’, Artaud: ’Theatre and Its Double’, M. Miočinović: ’Theatre of Cruelty’

Premiere: May 28th 1998, Cinema REX, Belgrade

Production: Plavo theatre & REX

Supported by: Fund for an Open Society

Festivals: INFANT ’98 – Novi Sad, Serbia

At the moment when Romeo and Juliet kill themselves in their incapability to achieve love because of the social separation of their families, it seems that theatre goes very deeply in throwing lights on an existential question of the human race, such is the question of love. Nevertheless, is this so in reality? Or it is all about high level of a literary quality that theatre is submitted to, even obeyed to, and therefore it is going further away of its authenticity and unbreakable connection with the real life of the very human being who creates the very theatre?

Katarina Ristic

THE INCREDIBLE DUEL is the reaction on nowadays state of mind of an individual who is lost between the crucial question of love and its unavoidable parasite – conditioning. It is a theatrical act which wants to penetrate through psychological into social plan and that way call in question all moral and social standards of contemporary individual.

Nenad Colic