Nenad Čolić

neca fotodirector, actor and teacher, was born in 1961 in Belgrade, Serbia. Before foundation of PLAVO theatre, he was a dancer in music theatre, one of the founders of Signum Theatre, one of the first independent theatre companies in Serbia where he was actor and dancer, and afterwards he was actor in Dah Theatre in Belgrade. In that period he achieved experience in practical work with Odin Teatret’s actor Torgeir Wethal. In 1994 he starts working as a director, he works in Milan with Italian director Massimo Giannetti, founder of theatre Specchi e memorie, and with him he starts a long collaboration. In 1995 he founds PLAVO theatre – theatre laboratory, where he has been director, teacher and actor. He has directed all PLAVO theatre performances which have been performed in Serbia and abroad in numerous theatre festivals. Since 1995 he has conducted various theatre workshops and seminars nationally and internationally like From Myself Towards Theatre, Contemporary Theatre – The Space of Open Mind, Contemporary Theatre – Mind and Technique, Two Open Weeks of PLAVO theatre, as well as continuous educational projects such PLAVO theatre Group 2, Play Against Violence, School of Contemporary theatre, Contemporary Theatre Studio.

Performances he so far directed in PLAVO theatre:

Sonnet without a Title (1995), The Magnificent Odyssey (1997), The Incredible Duel (1998), It Was the Souls’ Wondrous Mine (1999), Oscar Wilde and the Inconstant Prince (2000), Hypertrophy of Authority or The Man Who Darkened the Sun (2001),Sarcasticus or Birth of the Virus (2002), Fantastic Gospel According to Virginia (2003), Dialectics of Soul – Study of Freedom (2004), I Sing Like a Bird (2006), The Wizard or Harmonic Cacophony (2007), Dancing With Father (2008), Pagan Phantasma or The Secret of Betrayal (2011 – first version, 2012 – second and third version), Concert of Decadence (2011), Ema (2013), The Island of Flowers (2013), The Day of Ahasverus (2014), Encounter (2014), Hypertrophy of Intelligence or The Creator of the Storm (2014).