PLAKAT ENGLScenario and directing: Nenad Čolić

With: Maša Jelić, Dejan Stojković, Jelena Martinović, Marko Potkonjak, Ranko Trifković

Scenery and costume: Ivana Čolić

Executive manager: Dubravka Vujinović

Text: Fragments from: the lecture on trial to Eichmann and ‘The Origins of Totalitarianism’, Hannah Arendt; ‘The Karamazov Brothers’, F.M. Dostoyevsky

Music: spiritual and secular Jewish songs, “Träumerei”, R. Schumann

‘An actress of PLAVO theatre had in her family experience of encounter with consequences of suffering of the Jews. Her grandparents were Holocaust survivors. This left a mark in her childhood memories which she wanted to translate into the actor’s language. This was an initial impulse for working process which lasted more than a year and which soon included other theatre members. The result was a performance Daydream – A Story from Terezin, an attempt to sensitize Jewish question through a different relation of Jews to Christ and with a different outcome. It’s a fictional story from Terezin concentration camp, well known by detaining of prominent members of the Jewish community. We placed Hannah Arendt, Karl Marx, Jesus Christ and Barabbas, as some of the most famous Jewish representatives in that imaginary story and made a scenic-musical piece based on spiritual and secular Jewish songs. Working on this performance was a kind of our debt to humanity, in which history full of tragedies there is one so incomprehensible place such as the Holocaust.’

Nenad Čolić

Daydream – A Story From Terezin (trailer)