PLAKAT 2Directing: Nened Čolić

Actors: Dejan Stojković, Maša Jelić,                    Marko Potkonjak,     Jelena Martinović

Scenery and costume design: Ivana Čolić

Executive manager: Dubravka Vujinović

Poster and programme  design: Ivana Čolić

Photography: Danilo Mijatović 

Premiere: November 15th, 2011, Centre for Cultural Decontamination, Belgrade

Production: PLAVO theatre – theatre laboratory

Text: F. Nietzsche: ’Thus Spoke Zarathustra’, R. J. Hollingdale: ’Nietzsche: the Man and his Philosophy’

Music: Music for the concert was used from PLAVO theatre performances: ’Oscar Wilde and the Inconstant Prince’ (2000), ’Hypertrophy of Authority or the Man Who Darkened the Sun’ (2001), ’Sarcasticus or Birth of the Virus’ (2002), ’Dialectics of Soul – Study of Freedom’ (2004) and ’Dancing with Father’ (2008) – The Rolling Stones, Enrico Macias, Bulat Okudjava, Roma music, Son Cubano, Mary Hopkin.

‘We are a theatre which likes to play music and to sing – in our performances, on our anniversaries, on anniversaries of others, for our friends, for the known and unknown people. We do it because it amuses us, because it amuses others, sometimes because we must, but most often out of love. Music has been woven into the foundation of our artistic concept. Live music, music sung or performed live on stage, is an integral part of our theatre language. Music is the departure and outcome of our every creative process. Our performances are brought forth as a result of a certain kind of composing of theatre through perception and sensibility of music. And there is a lot of such music in our past. Each period of work was led by its specific sound. Therefore we have decided that a part of this treasure should not end up in the archive and wished to revive it on the stage, to sing it back again and to name it a CONCERT of DECADENCE. While we were remembering the melodies and the rhythms we were reading Nietzsche.’

Nenad Colic, 2011

‘Oh you my will! You turning point of all need, you point of my necessity! Preserve me from all small victories!

You ordaining of my soul, that I call destiny! You in-me, over-me! Preserve and save me for a great destiny!

And your ultimate greatness, my will, save that for your ultimate – that you be inexorable in your victory! Indeed, who was not defeated in his victory!’