Ritual inkluzije plakat


A project against discrimination of people with disabilities

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Plavo Theatre, in cooperation with The Association of Students with Disabilities, with the support of the Ministry of Youth and Sports of Republic of Serbia, in the period from September to December, 2020, realized the project “Ritual of inclusion – project against discrimination of people with disabilities”. The project happened as a natural continuation of the cooperation with ASD, which started in 2019, through a six-day workshop in which the participants were students with disabilities and young people without disabilities. The result was a mutual desire to continue this kind of work.

The goals of this project are to contribute to the inclusion and improvement of the quality of life of young people with disabilities, as well as young people in general, to their active participation and greater visibility in the cultural and public life of the community.

The entire project is designed so that the use of contemporary theatre techniques creates conditions for a deeper interaction of young people with disabilities and young people without disabilities, which we believe is very important for an inclusive approach of the whole project. Through this kind of work and thematic framework that derives directly from their life experiences and situations, young people, participants in the project, are enabled to find their personal expression. In this way, not only do young people with disabilities have the opportunity to share, in a creative way, their views, problems, attitudes on important topics in their lives with young people without disabilities, but they also have the opportunity to guide through personal relationships and, in some way to educate young people without disabilities on all relevant matters related to the population of people with disabilities. This is what we can call knowledge transfer, and it is in this type of knowledge transfer that we see the core of an inclusive approach to work.

The work resulted in a short inclusive documentary “Ritual of Inclusion”, which enabled greater visibility and accessibility of the project results to the general public. The aim of the film is to bring the life of people with disabilities closer to the general public in Serbia, in an interesting and creative way, in order to educate and change discriminatory attitudes about people with disabilities in a relationship of respect and tolerance.


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