Demonstracija treninga mala

The Seed of Creation – Demonstration of the Actors’ Training

Tuesday, July 19th, 2016, 8 PM

The Seed of Creation

Demonstration of the Actors’ Training

With: Maša Jelić, Jelena Martinović, Dejan Stojković

“There is a form of work which is different from rehearsals, the actor should be confronted with that which is the seed of creation. In body there are certain predetermined forms or details. The first essential point is how to establish a certain number of details and make them precise. Next, you must rediscover those personal impulses, which can be incarnated in these details. To incarnate them means to change but not destroy them.

In the beginning you improvise only the order of details and their rhythms. Then you change the order and the rhythms and even the composition of the details. This must not be premeditated, but dictated by the flow of your embody. You must find this spontaneous line of the body which is embodied in the details and goes beyond them but which at the same time maintains their precision. If this precision is absent, then it is useless, and a result can only be a sort of plasma.

Every authentic reaction begins inside of body, and that which is external, the so called detail of gesture in exercises is only the result of this process. If the external reaction is not born inside of the body, it will always be false, dead, artificial, rigid.

If one retains the precision of the details and allows the body to dictate the different rhythms, continually ordering them, taking another detail as if from the air, who then has been dictating all this? It is not your brain, but nor is it chance, all this has some connection with our life. We do not even know how this happens, but it was the body memory which dictates vivid relations to certain experiences or certain cycles of experiences in our life. The body has no memory. It is memory.

One should seek for the truth, and not for special circumstances.”

Jerzy Grotowski

Demonstration of the actors’ training will be held within international program of theatrical education Two Open Weeks of PLAVO theatre.

Date: Tuesday, July 19th, 2016

Venue: PLAVO theatre, BIGZ building, Boulevard of Zivojin Misic 17, 6th floor

Ticket price: 100,00 RSD.

Ticket booking and information: 061 192 79 09.

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